Ian MacKaye (born April 16, 1962)

Happy Birthday!!



Ian MacKaye (born April 16, 1962)

Happy Birthday!!

Question of the Day

Today’s question asks for a political issue that interests you. 

I don’t get too involved in politics because it’s terribly depressing, however there is one issue that I’ve become interested in after watching the first episode of this season of Vice on HBO. It is my understand that out of a sense of guilt from previous wars the United States was involved in that left cities and countries economically devastated, we now have a policy of making sure that we make efforts to leave these war-torn places better off. As such we have pumped unbelievable amounts of money into Afghanistan, more specifically into ridiculously wasteful ventures and it’s also ending up right into the hands of the Taliban, the enemy we’re supposedly fighting. The misuse of taxpayer funds is so anger-inducing and I was flabbergasted watching this Vice episode. The only thing I’m kinda left with is this, well what can I do about it feeling which is how I feel thinking about any political issue in this country. It didn’t use to be like this for me. I used to feel inspired and empowered, now I feel sad. 

Click here for last year’s answer.

I know many of you are much more politically minded than I am, so have at it. What’s a political issue that interests you?

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Paris 1860 Charles Marville

"Widely acknowledged as one of the most talented photographers of the nineteenth century, Charles Marville (French, 1813–1879) was commissioned by the city of Paris to document both the picturesque, medieval streets of old Paris and the broad boulevards and grand public structures that Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann built in their place for Emperor Napoleon III." [via]

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They starred in the movie…

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i’d like to thank the 5 followers of mine who acknowledge my existence

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House of Ismay

House of Ismay offers since 2008 brooches using old book pages retrieved, cut and pasted in various forms, corresponding with the talent original books at the image of “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck.

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CJ Van Der Linde of the Lions gets his shorts pulled down

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