Dreaming of the night with digital artist Catrin Welz-Stein

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Question of the Day

Today’s question asks about what you wish you could stop from happening. 

Some of your shitty posts. 

I kid because I love. There are lots of things I wish I could stop from happening. I’ll just start typing until I get tired. Here is a small list of things I wish I could stop from happening:

  • adult acne
  • headaches
  • when food delivery places get your order wrong
  • weird smells
  • people who bump into you because they’re staring at their phones
  • food from going bad
  • nightmares
  • when my phone runs out of power
  • bills from arriving
  • when I have more than two shows recording at the same time
  • when you really like someone but they really like someone else
  • anyone saying, “can we talk?…”

…and oh so many more.

Click here for last year’s answer. 

Oh and also things like cancer, world hunger, wars, poverty, disease, senseless deaths, yadda yadda. Anyway, fill in the blank, you wish you could stop ________________ from happening?

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The Coolest Gemstone & Crystal Skulls You Will Ever See

  • Carved Ammonite Fossil Crystal Skull
  • Ammonite Fossil Crystal Skull
  • Agate Crystal Geode Skull
  • Black Obsidian Skull with Moveable Jaw; Teeth Made from Australian Opal
  • Quartz Rock Crystal Skull and Snakes
  • Morris Jasper Crystal Skull
  • Labradorite Crystal Skull

What cool skullptures.

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You and I’ll just use a little patience…

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'Venice - Sunset and a Broken City Light' by Photo Jörn

Henry "I’m HIGH on JUICE" Rollins


Henry "I’m HIGH on JUICE" Rollins

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FU*K U by giulio rossi | tumblr

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